In Loving Memory

The Alumni & Friends Society continues to live on thanks to its generous graduates and friends who remember the school upon their passing.

Ed Smith

Ed and Cheryl Smith

Ed Smith, a Platteview High School Alumni and long supporter of the Springfield Platteview Community School District passed away on June 10, 2021. He and his wife, Cheryl Smith graduated from Platteview High School in 1968. His three children, Shane Smith, Kari Johnson, and Jenny Kreifels also graduated from Platteview. Six of his grandchildren have, or will, graduate from Platteview High School: Ben Kreifels (2020), Halle Johnson (2020), Braden Johnson (2020), Kylee Smith (2020), Julia Kreifels (2022), and Madison Smith (2022). To say he was a proud supporter of our district would be an understatement. For the past 30 plus years, you could find him and Cheryl at countless games and activities. Many in the community, not just his family will feel this loss. We felt it was important to leave a legacy of support for Platteview, so the family decided donating part of his memorial to Platteview Alumni and Friends would be a perfect tribute. Once a Trojan, always a Trojan! Go, Big Red!

Bill Mann

Bill Mann

Platteview High School was very important to Bill as his three kids, Mark Mann (1984), Leigh Beecham (1987), and Keith Mann (1990), all alumni. Not only did they receive an outstanding education, but they were surrounded by teachers and administration that supported all of their activities and interests. In addition, five of Bill’s grandchildren are alumni or future alumni of Platteview. They include Mitchell Mann (2013), Drew Mann (2016), Brett Beecham (2019), Blair Beecham (2021), and Ben Beecham (2023).

We hope this memorial will help support the goals of the Alumni and Friends Society.