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Apple 1:1 Technology Refresh for 2021–22 School Year

In March, the Board of Education approved the school district’s proposal for its third technology refresh, allowing the district to continue providing the latest technology tools to staff and students under our Apple 1:1 technology initiative.

Our program began in 2012 to provide iPads to students in grades 7-12, and iPads and MacBooks to all teachers. As part of our first tech refresh in 2015, we re-purposed our original iPad fleet for use by students in grades kindergarten through sixth to achieve full 1:1 for kindergarten through twelfth. The students in grades seventh through twelfth received brand new iPads, while the teachers received new MacBooks and iPads.

We refreshed our Apple technology again in 2018 using the same approach and included our classroom paraprofessional staff. This year’s refresh will include all kindergarten through twelfth students and our early education centers.

To help fund a full kindergarten through twelfth refresh, we’ll be selling our current fleet of iPads and MacBooks to a technology buyback company. This will greatly offset the cost of the new technology.

Teachers will be issued a new iPad 10.2-inch eighth Generation model in a Logitech Rugged Combo three case that includes an integrated keyboard. They’ll also receive a Logitech Crayon writing device for use with their iPad.

Students in grades fourth through twelfth will receive the new iPad and Logitech case but not a Crayon at this time. Classroom paraprofessionals, students in grades kindergarten through third, and the early ed centers will receive a new iPad in an STM case similar to those we’ve been using.

We’re planning to distribute new devices to teachers before the end of the school year, so they may work with them over the summer in preparation for the next school year. Students participating in summer school programs and the high school band program will receive their iPads this summer, while all other students and the paras will get their new devices just before or at the start of next school year.

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