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State Classifications Released

The State of Nebraska has released the first "Accountability for Quality Education System, Today and Tomorrow" (AQUESTT) ratings. AQUESTT gives each school and district a classification based upon NeSA score status, improvement, and growth. The formula gives each school and district points in each of the NeSA score areas and ultimately classifies schools and districts accordingly. Districts and schools can be classified as - EXCELLENT, GREAT, GOOD, or NEEDS IMPROVEMENT.

Our district ratings were as follows:
Springfield Platteview Community Schools - GREAT
Platteview High School - GOOD
Platteview Central Junior High - EXCELLENT
Springfield Elementary - GREAT
Westmont Elementary - GREAT

There is a lot to be proud of in our classifications and it is only one indicator of many that we analyze as a district for improvement. As you can see, the district as a whole earned a GREAT classification. There were only 5 schools districts statewide that earned the EXCELLENT classification and we hope to be one of those sometime in the near future.  Platteview Central earned the highest possible classification - one of only 21 junior highs or middle schools out of 304 in the state to receive this EXCELLENT classification. Congratulations Platteview Central on such a huge achievement!

While there are areas of improvement we are working on as part of our strategic plan, there is also a lot to celebrate. Our teachers, students, and community can feel proud. All of us share a collective responsibility to improve the learning that happens at our schools. I'm confident in our ability to work hard and help students achieve at the highest levels.



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