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SPCS to hold Learning Community Information Night

No school district in Douglas and Sarpy County has been more adversely affected by the Learning Community’s common levy than Springfield Platteview Community Schools. Now the district is inviting parents, patrons and the public to a meeting to learn more about the district’s current position and plans regarding the Learning Community.

The meeting will happen Tuesday, November 10 at 7:00 PM in the auditorium at Platteview High School, located at 14801 S. 108th Street. District officials will present information about the Learning Community, the common levy, and potential boundary agreements with neighboring school districts.  

Springfield Platteview plans to work with fellow superintendents, state senators, fellow Learning Community superintendents, and Board’s of Education during the upcoming legislative session to amend the Learning Community law.  Springfield Platteview, and its taxpayers, have lost over $10 million since the common levy’s inception and will lose $3.2 million during the 2015-16 school year- 24 percent of the district’s potential revenue this year alone.  Further, the district is working with Papillion La-Vista and Bellevue Public Schools on potential boundary agreements, should the Learning Community law be amended to remove the common levy.  Both topics will be discussed at the meeting.

“With the Learning Community, the common levy and the frozen boundaries between school districts go hand in hand.” Springfield Platteview Superintendent Brett Richards said. “We have been working in good faith with our neighboroing districts on boundaries that present a solid future for everyone, for 20 years and beyond. But those agreements depend on the State Legislature amending the law to remove the common levy.” 


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