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August 2020 - Parent eLearning Summary Plan

Hi Parents,

Please view the district's eLearning Plan. This plan is for students and parents who elect to start the school year educationally from home or are having to quarantine because of illness or an illness within the family during the school year. Please let us know by Friday, August 7 if you want to be a part of our eLearning Plan to start the school year. You can access the survey here to sign up for eLearning if you haven't already. This will help us plan to start the school year with our teachers that will be serving your students within the plan. Please know we are flexible as a district. Parents can elect to go to eLearning at any time during the fall semester. Also, all of our secondary courses are available through eLearning. This includes Advanced Placement, dual-enrollment, or any honors courses. Please understand this path will be difficult for some students to keep up with their learning in this format. We will offer some additional support in core classes at the 7-12 level and at the K-6 level if your student is struggling. We will get this information to you on how to access this assistance prior to the school year starting, as we are still organizing this help.

We are very proud to offer this type of program to our students and families during these difficult times. Looking forward to a great school year!


Brett Richards

Brett Richards

July 21, 2020

Dear Students and Parents,

We are looking forward to getting back to school this August to an educational setting that will look a bit different than normal. It has been an unprecedented and difficult time for Nebraska schools and families during this pandemic.

Our top priority will be trying to do what is best for our students to optimally learn while trying to lower the risks of infections. No single action or set of actions will completely eliminate the risk of transmission of infections from the virus, but many coordinated interventions can help diminish that risk. As a parent, you will need to determine whether you will send your child back to school based on the plans we have in place. If you choose to keep your student(s) home, we will do our best to support your child(ren) through an eLearning plan. This plan will feature daily expectations and work for your student(s), which will include participation and grading. Homeschooling through the State of Nebraska may also be an option for your family as well.

This guide shows the processes and procedures we will use to reopen our schools. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Masks or face coverings are one of the most divisive issues in school districts in regard to students returning to schools. As a district, we plan to start the school year off by recommending students and staff wear masks in the classroom. Masks will not be required in the classroom. The district will require masks on buses, during any passing periods or transitioning of students from classrooms to other areas of the school, as well as entering and exiting the schools.
  • We will try and limit the amount of passing periods or transitions as much as possible during the school day.

For example, we will institute block scheduling for four periods a day at the secondary level instead of our usual 8 periods a day. Another example, at the elementary schools we will, when feasible, bring specials teachers into the student’s regular classroom instead of having students travel to different classrooms.

These types of strategies will help us reduce the chances of transmitting the virus and limit the amount of contact tracing that would need to be done by the Sarpy/Cass Health Department in cases of exposure.

The board of education and superintendent will monitor daily cases of the virus in our community and will adjust our plans if necessary. If there is a larger spread going on in the community, and the district needs to require masks in the classroom to limit the risk of the spread in our schools, we will require them in the classrooms as well.

Our models of schooling within this plan align with the Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red color codes of the Sarpy/Cass Health Department. (See pages 21-25).

  • Green means there are low cases of the virus in our district area.
  • Yellow means there are moderate cases of the virus in the area (our district and county are currently in Yellow).
  • Orange means there are high cases of the virus in the area.
  • Red means there are a severe number of cases in the area.

Each category has a plan in place for the education of students in our district. The district administration will work with the Sarpy/ Cass Health Department weekly to monitor COVID-19 cases. We anticipate at least a week’s notice before we would need to change to a different color’s plan. Green and Yellow means our district would be at 100% of students able to attend. Orange means only 50% of students would be able to attend daily in an every-other-day procedure. Red means we would be back to 100% of our students in remote learning from home.

There may be times we have to close down a school building for a few days or more because of student or staph infection(s) and engage in remote learning while deep cleaning occurs. The Sarpy/Cass County Health Department will help make those decisions. It is important that parents notify the school or county health department if a family member in the household is infected.

Our goal is to have students and staff back to school every day for the long term. The strategies we will have in place, such as cafeteria table clear dividers, student desk shields, enhanced cleaning and disinfecting throughout the day and at night, social distancing (as much as possible), and built in time for hygiene practices are meant to reduce the chances of transmission of the virus.

We are up against a huge obstacle with the COVID-19 virus. However, we remain steadfast in keeping our commitment to families in our district and providing a quality education. Our partnership is critical during this time, and we will need to work together within this plan to be successful in keeping schools open for the long term. We appreciate your willingness to work with us and look forward to taking on this challenge and having students back in our schools.


Brett Richards

Brett Richards

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