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October 2021 Annual Giving Campaign

Annual giving campaign flyer

We are so grateful for the support we received during our giving campaign. You, our supporters, help us in so many ways. Your support stretches so much further than a simple donation - it encourages us all and helps to enhance the mission of Alumni & Friends.

We understand that by donating your money to Alumni & Friends, it is a deeply personal way to embrace our purpose as well as the program's future. We would like to express our sincerest thanks to all who made contributions. 

Whether yesterday, today, or tomorrow, Alumni & Friends appreciates you and your support!

Congratulations to Our PHS 2021 Scholarship Recipients!

Are you on the map?

Group of Alumni and Friends with a large map of the United States

We invite you to join our database. Entering your information will keep you informed of events throughout the district as well as connecting online and networking together.